About Clint

The musical path of Clint Manning is a long and winding one. As a prolific singer/songwriter and producer, he's been involved with countless projects in a variety of roles.  As a front man he's lead several bands along the way, from his roots in Buffalo, NY to his present day home base in Austin, TX.  

Somewhere amid the barrage of aliases and band names he decided to bring the focus back to his self-titled work. Since returning to his given name, Manning has released the 2016 EP "Enough", the 2017 album "Awake and Restless" and multiple singles.  He also boasts a huge catalog of unreleased originals and songs from his past projects. His most recent release, the "Better Late Than Never" series, features 5 songs that had become live staples, but evaded making it to a record until now. 

A live music veteran with over 1,000 performances, Clint plays out regularly,  both as a solo acoustic artist and with his band. You can consistently catch his concerts in and around the Austin area, as well as across the country. Constantly evolving, it's hard to say what lies in his musical future, but there's a grounding consistency of passion and soul that ties it all together. In the words of his recent single "Beautiful Heart"-
"You've got a beautiful heart, now how does it feel? Don't forget that."