The "Enough." EP. Out Now! 

So my new EP "Enough." is now available for your listening pleasure. You can stream and purchase it right here or from my site on bandcamp. Enjoy!

New EP "Enough." Coming February 29th 

Hey everyone! If you're reading this that means you've found your way to my new website! I'm happy to announce at the end of this month I'll be releasing a brand new EP entitled "Enough.". I'll be posting more updates throughout the month so stay tuned. Thanks for being a fan!

Clint Manning @ Lucky Lounge in Austin, TX

Lucky Lounge , Austin, TX, United States

7:20p-7:50p = John Gorman
8:00p-8:30p = Clint Manning
8:40p-9:10p = Mike Reardon
9:20p-9:50p = Polymer
10:00p-10:30p = Mark Romano

10:45p-11:15p = Oro Cassini
11:30p-12:00a = Welsh Avenue
12:15a-12:45a = Saint Lo Gun
1:00a-1:45a = Lost In A World Of Color

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